Company profile

Goma has advanced options and skills. For example, we use modern production methods with the aid of:

  • 3D design and CAD/CAM
  • CNC-Stamping
  • Laserschneiden und Abkanten
  • MIG-, MAG-, TIG-, WIG- and CMT- welding, spot welding
  • Powder coating and assembly

In addition, GOMA has quality improving and cost saving options in the field of work planning and transportation. For example, the completely computerised sheet warehouse supplies the correct material to the correct machine at the correct time, also at night and on the weekend.
In order to be able to offer you an optimum finished product we have our own powder coating installation and assembly department. We also manage transport in-house. You can rest assured that your products will be delivered on time.
Developing in parallel with the product life cycle is unique. In the start-up phase of the product by means of CNC production, and with larger quantities effortless conversion to production with the use of self-designed and produced tools or special machines.