Excursions primary schools

In the coming weeks a few dozen primary school pupils from the former municipality of Hengelo and surroundings get a tour.

The purpose of the visit is to promote the metal industry. The students from the eight groups of all primary schools are facing a choice to choose a further qualification. In general, the image of the metal a dirty, noisy and heavy industry. The technique seems therefore not attractive and continuing education.
Goma just want to highlight that this view is outdated and that the automation in the metal becomes increasingly important. More and more work will be done with robots and machines become more sophisticated.

Another goal is to make the company better known within the municipality of Hengelo Goma and probably more people interested in our company.
Besides toenememde degree of automation, remains an essential piece of craftsmanship! This experienced by the pupils themselves to manufacture a product.

Look here for photos of last year.