Monster of a machine gives Goma freedom in 3D shapes

"It's a monster of a machine that needs to to be get tamed by our boys. " So says director Foppe Atema of Goma on the new bending machine EVA 3122 of the Italian machine Codatto, installed in late March in his company.

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"It will take some time before she really mastered, but that's okay. Because this machine marks a new era in the third dimension, such as the laser has done in the flat plate."
A first positive result, the machine has been delivered to Goma. The Hengelo (Gld) established supplier of high quality sheet metal products in March was an exhibitor at the ESEF. Simultaneously, at the Techni-Show Codatto the new machine demonstrated at the state of Siboma, the importer of Codatto. A sign on the machine referred interested visitors to the Goma position. "And we have noticed," said Atema. "Normally we get 80 percent at ESEF existing customers to visit and 20 percent new customers. Now that was 55 percent new. From what they told or asked, we could conclude that they came because of the Codatto. We may make offers for new customers , even before the new machine. "
Tight deadlines
And that's good for the Achterhoekse sheet metal supplier. Because the atmosphere at ESEF may have been very positive, business is seen by the weak economic situation all still very up and down. One week, the order intake is fantastic, the other week lousy. The horizon is very short; orders today are brought, must be used within fourteen days will be delivered and much further ahead is difficult.
Goma is on there now furnished. The ERP system has been adjusted to customers based on a good forecast is always "just in time 'can be operated, although delivery times are extremely tight. A second development which has been modified from Goma that customers increasingly focus on assembly while the plate repel. Atema, "You have such companies from the history a sheet metal department, but now much more concerned with the contents of a box than with the housing itself. The result is that they at some point no longer invest in sheet metal. Where they or invest in its assembly lines, efficiently arranged according 5S/lean concepts. They get people from the automotive to within organizational arrange everything perfectly, on the assumption that they only let out what they need. "
The result is that the sheet metal work knowledge of these companies also disappears. And so they ask their suppliers to think: Early Supplier Involvement. "We are fully engaged in Goma," said Atema. "Recently we have still the epitome of experienced, when a customer has a number of components on the table and said, make that once a box around it."

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Fine and accurate bending

Such orders all degrees of freedom, as in design. And with that comes the new Codatto Atema. This is a stable iron bending machine, suitable for fine and accurate bending of steel and stainless steel to 3 mm to 2.5 mm in not too large series. The stability and the associated accuracy of 0, 05 mm is obtained by an ingenious drive and guide system. The high accuracy even in the long run, the result of sloping, linear guides. This creates more room. The machine can be up to 220 mm, and also to the top to the bottom 70 mm bending. The newly constructed tool system, consisting of some twenty pieces temples changed automatically and can be positioned, is explained for maximum flexibility in production of (almost) all possible forms. Practically everything has to do with a set of large, high and heavy punches. Panels can be produced closed quadrilateral to a maximum height of 220 mm (plus any necessary negative deflections up to 70 mm) in lengths up to 3000 mm. Complicated products with many corrections may by the large range in time from being bent. "It is a semi-automatic machine," says Atema. "Two, three or four settlements on one side, does he automatically; much faster than a conventional brake. For settlements on the other side of the plate must be rotated manually."
Free form 3D
Atema think this machine will provide a spectacular development in the sheet metal, as the laser cutting machine ever did in the eighties of the last century. "The laser cutter has given us much more freedom in the form of flat plates. We can thus quickly the most complex shapes, with unprecedented accuracy also. This string bending machine can be much simpler free forms in metal making in the third dimension. Addition, that is also without a lot of extra tools needed. This machine makes all curves without extra tools. That makes a huge difference in cost. Because the set times are quite low, it is also suitable for smaller series, though you should thereby be sight on repeat orders. "
The machine is a real innovation for Goma, because the company now can make beautiful things that were not previously possible. "Often such innovations open new areas," says the director of Goma. "Designers are after all the new possibilities of this discovery. The next step is that they start demanding. We already have the example of a product that we traditionally forceerden, which we chased a lot of tension. We had two men who need on the banking side had to bend. Now you can record on the record Codatto, the result is a stress-free product and the second man is no longer needed. "
The Codatto is a complex machine that requires a lot especially in terms of programming. Therefore, three and a half week Goma staff trained by a man from the Italian manufacturer. Now that is behind us, they may discover for themselves what they can out of the "monster" can get.

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Business relations and an open house

 Goma sees the new bending machine as an important innovation. Therefore, he is inaugurated. This happens on June 8 by the highest official of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, secretary-general Chris Buijink. Goma loves this business relations on the occasion of the 50-year anniversary. There are about 300 people expected. The business contact is followed by an open house on June 9. All machines are from 10.00 to 16.00 in operation to see.
New production
Goma had originally intended to accommodate the new machine in a newly built production hall, which also had to give place to an expansion of the automated records storage and a new large-format punch. But given the uncertain economic situation, the investment is postponed. The building permit for the hall of 1700 square meters (the current surface is 11,500 square meters) has been issued, but as long as the order intake continues to go up and down, will not kick into the ground. "Germany and the United States springs again," says Foppe Atema optimistic. "But that note is not enough. We must really feel that things are improving. Only then do we build."
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