Specialist in high-quality sheet metal products

GOMA is an internationally oriented supplier, specialized in high-quality sheet metal products, both semi-finished and complete products. We have been doing this since 1962.

An introduction

Our company

With Co-engineering, the use of fully automatic plate processing machines, welding and spot welding robots, its own powder coating installation and mounting options, GOMA in Hengelo Gelderland (Netherlands) offers multiple options for, among other things, the production of housings and enclosures for various markets.

The specialist in sheet metal work

57years of experience

What GOMA is good at

GOMA distinguishes itself through good quality in both large and small series of sheet metal. Based on our specialization in sheet metal working, our engineers can think along with you from the start. Our slogan Passion for sheet metal is a promise that we deliver.

Our services

What can we help you with? Below you will find an overview of all our services.

The GOMA + factor

With the GOMA + factor we bring added value for our customers. This proactive attitude and by demonstrably making a difference, ensures a strong bond with our customers.The four letters of GOMA are set out here. That way you know what our company stands for.

  • G = Gold

    There is nothing nice about mediocrity. Good is no longer good enough; a 7 is an insufficient. Striving for the unreachable experience is our goal. Ambition and passion are central to us!

  • O = Optimization

    Focus on processes. We have a grip on this. We always offer added value for our customers. Every detail counts. We are future-oriented, have a proactive attitude and focus on growth / perspective.

  • M = People oriented

    Together you achieve more. Despite all modern technology, it is ultimately the people who make the difference. Internal collaboration, but also with customers. Synergy and co-creation are important priorities for us.

  • A = Action

    With us no fuss, but immediate action. Benefit from all our knowledge, products and all other benefits!


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