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About us

GOMA is an internationally oriented supplier, specialized in high-quality sheet metal products, both semi-finished and complete products. With Co-engineering, the use of fully automatic plate processing machines, welding and spot welding robots, its own powder coating installation and mounting options, GOMA offers multiple options for, among other things, the production of housings and housings for different markets.

What GOMA is good at

GOMA distinguishes itself through good quality in both large and small series of sheet metal. Based on our specialization in sheet metal working, our engineers can think along with you from the start. Our slogan “Specialist in high-quality sheet metal products” is a promise that we deliver.

Een introductie

Ons bedrijf

GOMA beschikt over geavanceerde mogelijkheden en vaardigheden in de plaatwerk toelevering. Zo maken we gebruik van eigentijdse productiemethoden. Daarnaast heeft GOMA kwaliteitsverhogende en kostenbesparende mogelijkheden op het gebied van werkvoorbereiding en transport. Dankzij bijvoorbeeld het volautomatische plaatmagazijn staat het juiste materiaal op het juiste tijdstip bij de juiste machine, ook ’s nachts en in het weekeinde.

De specialist in plaatwerk


Optimal end product

To be able to offer you an optimum end product, we have our own powder coating installation and assembly department. We also manage the transport ourselves. You can be sure that you will receive your products in time. Unique is growing with the product lifecycle. In the start-up phase of the product by means of CNC production and with the larger numbers, effortlessly proceed to production by means of. self-designed and manufactured special machines.

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