GOMA is continuing to invest in 2018

GOMA is continuing to invest in 2018

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In order to meet the growing demand for our products even better, GOMA is also investing in some new machines in 2018. In the first half of the year, for example, a new Trumpf TC7000 punch-laser machine, a Safan Darley ATC edge robot and a Kuhlmeyer belt sander are put into use.

In addition to the Trumpf TC7000 punch-laser machine installed in 2014, a second TC7000 punch-laser machine will be installed in April this year. The continuing economic growth, and with it the demand for our products, has ensured that this capacity expansion was necessary. By moving the Trumpf L3030 laser machine, space has been created for this newest punch-laser combination machine, which is also connected to the automatic plate warehouse Stopa.

The SafanDarley ATC press brake was delivered in January and is expected to be ready for use in April. ATC stands for “Automatic Tool Changer”, which means that the press brake is able to change tools with the help of a robot. This robotic press brake is connected to the Stopa plate warehouse so that it can produce 24/7, even when tools have to be changed between the different orders.

In addition to the above machines, a Kuhlmeyer belt sander was delivered to GOMA directly from the Technishow. With this sander, GOMA can provide different products, in particular after welding, with a nicer finish. This machine will also be put into operation mid-September.

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