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Workplace check observation

In 2018, in collaboration with Ergotherapy & amp; Arbeidsdiensten Lammers and Ergo in Beweging, a Werkpleck check was carried out at our Lace Department according to the “Participative Approach at the Workplace” method. Important reasons for this are that employees know their own work best, therefore have the best view of their own bottlenecks in the work and the chosen solutions are better suited to their work situation.

In order to reduce physical strain and to stay healthy, various advice was given after the Workplace check. These are divided into 4 categories, namely: rotation, attitude & amp; movement, materials and employees with physical complaints.

In the meantime, we have worked hard on these points for improvement and the results are clearly visible in the Lace Department!

In the field of rotation, there is a lot of alternation between sitting and standing work and orders have been made smaller so that employees can switch machines more often in order to have more varied work. By applying task rotation, employees can concentrate better and the quality of production can be better guaranteed.

At Attitude & Movement was mainly about addressing each other about correcting an incorrect posture or movement. Knowledge of these principles, awareness of one’s own posture and movements and working method and learning to apply it correctly is necessary for the prevention of physical complaints in the short and long term. In addition, the openness and willingness to draw each other’s attention as colleagues to improving posture and movement is important. Through a training called “coaching on the team” various topics have been discussed and solutions have been devised to reduce physical strain.

Which is very closely related to the Attitude & amp; Movement are the materials in the workplace and the use of these materials. For example, all seats have been adjusted in the Edging Department, material is brought up to height as much as possible and heavy material is transferred to a robot press brake (see photos below) or it is lifted by the forklift.

The latter category includes employees with physical complaints. There are a number of employees who have physical complaints or who have experienced them in the past. They are also used more widely by applying the advice. We are also working on training these employees individually so that they know what they can handle and have confidence in this. For example, we zoom in on finding between load and resilience and work towards a structure of functioning.



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