Where the issue used to be the production in accordance with detailed customer drawings, Goma now adds value by offering total solutions for sheet metal problems.

GOMA is becoming increasingly involved in the early stages of the design and construction of the sheet metal components. This means work is carried out much more on the basis of the functional specification.

A team of account engineers and drawers/constructors that is permanent for customers is involved with their development process in order to create the most favourable possible solution for the customer. This also involves using the knowledge available on the construction of tools and special machines, which involves using a certain unique intelligence in the sheet metal solutions

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Other Services

  • Powder coating

    Since 2001, GOMA has had its own powder coating installation, so that the products can be lacquered in-house. From a logistical point of view, this is good, one does

  • Logistics

    Goma not only invests in development processes at its customers, it also invests in logistics and services for customers. Opening hours – dispatch: work days from 7.30 to 16.30.Delivery