Dry Helium Leak Detector UL3000 Fab (Plus)

Dry Helium Leak Detector UL3000 Fab (Plus)

In collaboration with our customer, this leak detection device has been developed from the drawing board to the KANBAN delivery. All GOMA production options are incorporated into this product: engineering, punching / laser cutting, edging, welding, assembly, painting and shipping.


After an initial design by a design agency, the product was further designed together with the customer to arrive at a reproducible product. The welding work is done on our CMT welding robots using various welding molds designed in-house.


The powder coating, which must meet high requirements, is applied entirely in-house. The printing of the side panels is done by means of a dust-proof “transfer” and can therefore also be done in-house. The costly and time-consuming step of outsourcing is thus eliminated. Finally, all the sheet metal work of this product is assembled at GOMA into a fully ‘rolling’ semi-finished product.


GOMA is proud of this intensive collaboration and this product shows a very good example of all the possibilities of GOMA; from thinking along with the first sketches to the logistical handling of the product.

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