GOMA is a dynamic company that focuses on the development, re-engineering, prototyping and preparation of (sub) assemblies for various applications in machine and equipment construction. GOMA is the extension of your organization when it comes to new products and the further development of existing products. GOMA ensures that your ideas and wishes are converted into a technically well-producible product. This always takes into account the most modern and innovative production techniques with a favorable cost.

The approach

We have one fixed point of contact for every customer in the form of an Account Engineer. He is responsible for both the commercial and technical aspects and for larger assignments the project leader.

To think with the customer

We prefer to be involved in the development process as early as possible, if you still rely on the functional specifications. This is how you achieve the best results. We can also take care of the entire development process. For example, product casing, our expertise is sheet metal work, so that you can concentrate on your expertise, the content.

Co-engineering / re-design

As a sheet metal supplier, GOMA is always looking for the best possible solution. We do more than “you ask, we run.” Even if it is an existing product, we look further. Not only in production as efficiently as possible in production, we look for the best solution integrally. We also try to save costs in your home.

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