Sheet metal company GOMA is growing

Sheet metal company GOMA is growing

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Sheet metal company GOMA is growing and the prospects are bright. The company not only knows how to attract new customers, but also benefits from reshoring. Customers no longer allow their production to take place in low-wage countries and return to the machinery in Hengelo. Isah’s business software encourages and supports these developments.

GOMA is reaping the benefits of its investments in lean manufacturing. The machine and working times are spent very efficiently and the company continuously puts energy into quality improvements and cost savings. This allows GOMA to distinguish itself from its competitors in terms of delivery reliability and flexibility. An example: the warehouse where the plates are stored is fully automated. As a result, the right plates always end up on the right machines, also at night and during the weekend. A fully integrated link has been made here jointly by Isah and GOMA, whereby the warehouse and the machines are controlled from Isah and also feed back to Isah. The Shop Floor can also be fully checked with the business software from Isah. This makes it possible to decide dynamically what should be done and in which order. The logistical information regarding progress and stocks is directly accessible at the required places on the shop floor and the rest of the company. GOMA and Isah are preparing together for the future in which, in addition to customer order-driven production, attention is paid to on-demand delivery and keeping customer-specific products in stock.

About GOMA

GOMA is a supplier of international allure, specialized in high-quality sheet metal products (semi-finished products, but also complete products). The company produces enclosures and enclosures for very different markets. Everything is possible: co-engineering, the use of fully automatic sheet metal working machines, welding and spot welding robots, an own powder coating installation, mounting options and an own tool shop.

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