OptiMe coffee machine

OptiMe coffee machine

The housing of the OptiMe coffee machine has been developed in collaboration with Animo. This newest compact coffee machine from Animo is available in various colors and can be expanded with a refrigerator and cup warmer. GOMA also supplies the sheet metal package for this. These are both stainless steel and painted plate parts.

Excellent design quality

In 2019, the OptiMe was awarded the Red Dot award. The Red Dot award is one of the world’s largest design competitions and the award stands for international recognition of outstanding design quality.

Roll of GOMA

The OptiMe sheet metal package incorporates many GOMA production steps, namely: engineering, punching / laser cutting, bending, radius bending, spot welding, powder coating and assembly. The special tools for bending the side walls are designed in-house.

End product

It is an added value for GOMA to think along with the customer at the initial stage of a project. This way an optimal end product is realized for both Goma and the customer.

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